Howzit Digital

After a few brand names and rebrands the Howzit team decided to go with a South African term – “Howzit”, meaning – “How are you?” or “How are you doing?” (which is always accompanied with a smile). In a country with 11 official languages, the term “Howzit” is understood across the entire country, and by all South Africans. The concept was to create an inclusive and welcoming brand – where our clients feel comfortable, no matter who they are or where they come from. Even our logo represents a “Hello” hand gesture in many countries.

We love working within the international market, but are always proudly South African, with an immediately recognisable South African flavour – “Howzit”. 

The Howzit team was formed in 2016 under the “JustIn Designs” brand. Then a few years later rebranded to a more formal name with services including all aspects of digital – “Piscescope”. Unfortunately it seemed the public could not pronounce the name correctly or it simply did not make an impression, which was not effective for “word of mouth”.

Branding Howzit digital was a fun experience as we focused more on the message it would give to our clients and potential clients, as opposed to an internal narrative. We then added the word “Digital”, making it clear what industry we are in and what we do. We then secured the .com domain and got to work developing the brand assets. 

Today Howzit Digital has a wide ranging skill set and a client portfolio with some of the biggest financial, sporting, hospitality and property brands in South Africa, South America and Europe and will continue to grow and deliver results, with our primary focus always being phenomenal customer service.

Interested in working with us? Come in, and say “Howzit”!