Howzit Digital

WACC stands for “Warranty And Compliance Certification” and is open for use to all qualified plumbers.

The Need

With the plumbing industry coming under fire due to bad workmanship and incorrect installations, something had to be done. Auditing of the “Certificate of Compliance” (or COC for short) was a vital need for the industry. A group of plumbers approached Howzit Digital to assist with an easier process. 

The Solution:

Howzit Digital created an online interface for plumbers to access anywhere via their mobile phone, while performing the installation. Plumbers would need to select the the type of installation (Heat pump, solar replacement, etc…, as well as the insurance company the job was for. They would then need to complete and tick a series of checklist items (as per regulation), ensuring proper installation, as well as take photos of the installation as specified. Once the plumber creates and submits his/her COC it gets captured on a database.

Technologies used:

  • Firebase Firestore (Database)
  • Firebase Authentication (Users)
  • Firebase Hosting (Serving the Website)
  • Angular (Frontend Framework)
  • Material UI (Design Component Library)

The solution developed includes the following features:

  • Mobile optimised interface (for the plumber to use on their mobile phone).
  • Required checklist (as per regulation) for plumber to confirm if the installation is compliant or not.
  • Photo uploads (for photographic evidence on specific points of installation and check listed items).
  • Database of both manufacturer and insurance companies for auditing and remote monitoring purposes, making the issuing of COC’s a smooth, fast and painless process.
  • Database to store all installations for auditing and reporting purposes.
  • Dashboards to access historical data.
  • Creating a national and up to data database / directory


Since the inception of the WACC solution, there has been a noticeable improvement in the quality of installations. The plumbers not only find the system easy to use, but are confident that all of the correct installation practices have been implemented. In the event of any queries, they are able to cover themselves with historic data of the installation, including photos. An analytical system will soon roll out for insurance companies to evaluate the products being used by assessing different types of environments and the influence it has on those products.

The WACC system could possibly be a full turnkey solution in rectifying huge flaws in the plumbing industry.