Howzit Digital

The Legal Cover App features one-touch contacts for Law Enforcement, Legal Advice, Emergency or any other required representation. The app contains a geo-located panic button linked to first-responders countrywide 24/7.


The Need:

Customers need assistance immediately when it comes to the law. Sometimes calling a family member or a friend can delay the process, which could be diffused with timeous legal representation. The Legal Cover app reduces the contact time by a click of a button and immediate response via the first responders help desk. 

The Solution:

Howzit Digital decided to go the route of a mobile app, since geo-location services could be enabled. Working with the Legal Cover team, the app was integrated with the first responders operations desk. After rigorous testing, the app was made freely available on both the Apple and Android App stores. With the introduction of gamification, users interact with the app regularly, ensuring it is always on top of their minds, if the need ever arises. The app also features a content-rich Legal Resources and News section.

Technologies used:

  • Firebase Firestore (Database)
  • Firebase Authentication (Users)
  • Firebase Hosting (Serving the Website)
  • Angular (Frontend Framework)
  • Material UI (Design Component Library)

The solution developed includes the following features:

  • Geo-enabled panic button, linked to Legal Cover first responder headquarters
  • Extensive News and Legal Resources section
  • Games section, to increase regular engagement
  • Latest versions freely available on both Apple and Android App Stores


Subscribed members feel more secure – not only in emergencies, or when they feel threatened, but also know that in situations where urgent legal assistance is required, they are covered. The Legal Cover app adds just another level of safety, security and peace of mind for our users.