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What is SMM?

Social media marketing is all about communication.

It enables your customers to speak to you easily and allows you to respond just as easily.

Customers have found a voice through Facebook and Twitter.

They’ve found groups through blogs and forums, they’ve made videos about what they think is funny and they respond en mass when they feel a company really gets them.

Companies that embrace social media marketing create adverts that only run on Youtube, they go ‘viral’ and garner hundreds of millions of views within a short space of time.

This is the holy grail of social media marketing – to hit a nerve and have your customers respond by forwarding on your material to their friends and family.

Why SMM?

Human beings are ‘herd’ animals. We were designed to operate effectively in community and a close-knit society.

Modern day man has changed all of this and now we hide from each other behind computer screens and mobile devices and the four walls of our dwellings.

Yet deep within, there is the need to socialise with each other, to hang over the fence or the wall and chew the fat with a neighbour.

Social media also gives people the opportunity to be the star of their own reality show.

The bottom line is, it’s about word-of-mouth marketing through sharing your messages. If people like what you’re saying they will endorse it and share it with their followers, this means your brand aligns with theirs.

Trust is at the head of social media marketing.

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