Howzit Digital


Increase your revenue by hiring a lead generation agency.

Howzit Digital is a leading South African data provider, specialising in consumer leads targeted at the financial sector for sales and direct marketing campaigns. Our company will enable you to increase your profit margin by identifying your  consumer target market through supplying specialised leads for your business. Let us take your company to the next level. Your success is our success!

Profiling data according to your business model enables you to run targeted campaigns with increased conversion rates to achieve optimal results. Limit the risk of buying data that does not work for you. Reduce costs while increasing efficiencies and customer satisfaction. Grow profitability and competitive advantage with quality consumer leads. Increase market share and build brand awareness.

Specialising in consumer leads for debt review, debt mediation, debt consolidation. Consumer leads for insurance products & lifestyle campaigns. Howzit Digital strives to deliver quality consumer data.